Arielle Lane: Hot little Payoff

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Arielle grunts and fights in protests as Ivan drags her into the garage with a fist in her long black wavy hair. The only thing of note in the space is a small, elegant, wrought-iron table with polished wood top. The pretty little table seems out of place in a garage, but then again, so does Arielle, in her black skirt with high side slits, sheer stockings, black patent leather peep-toe heels, and skimpy white tank top. Calling Ivan names and struggling to get out of his reach, Arielle flexes her lovely long legs and pulls hard against him, but he has her wrists firmly in his grip and starts tying them together despite Arielle’s efforts, pinning her to the little table. Once he has her hands secured, he pulls her tank top down below her pretty little breasts, while she bitches at his perversion and tells him to keep his hands off her. When he pulls her back up to standing, he gropes her tits before pulling out another rope to frame those pretty breasts. She fights him hard enough that he has a slightly difficult time knotting off the rope, and she him about it, but he’s enjoying her feistiness and the challenge of tying her up. Still, that mouth could be quieter, so he sits her back down on the little table, pulls her hair back out of her face, and crams a cloth into her mouth and wraps shiny black tape around her head to shut her up.
Ivan likes Arielle much better now that he can’t understand her protests as he ties her knees and ankles. She tries to twist and pull away, but at this point her efforts are pretty useless. He ropes her chest harness to a hook above her head, which turns out to be a good thing for Arielle when her struggles shift her far enough off the table to hang herself from the chest rope. Ivan hauls her back onto the table and ties her ankles off to another rope hanging from the ceiling, putting her long legs on display. Ivan recommends she doesn’t fall off the table again, but ensures that she won’t by tying her wrists to the center support bar. Despite his warnings she continues to struggle, flexing her legs, squirming on the table, and shimmying her shoulders. Ivan decides she has too much movement, so he adds another rope pulling her knees to her chest, giving a better view of her tight ass. To improve the view further, he tightens the rope from her ankles to the ceiling, showing off her flexibility and straining the muscles in her legs.
Ivan leaves to take care of the business of getting her ransom money, leaving Arielle secure tied in the uncomfortable position. When he comes back a couple of hours later, he reports that her has paid for her freedom, so he looses her from the ceiling ropes and from the table, but leaves her tied up otherwise, picking her up like a baby to carry her off to the rendezvous point..

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Duration: 14:02
Video: 1920×1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 4882kbps
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