Ariel Anderssen Tied So Tight She Can’t Wriggle, restrainedelegance

Ariel did a good job of tying Chloe Toy and Faye Taylor so tight they could hardly wriggle, but how would she handle being immobilised by rope herself? Only one way to find out! Out with the ropes. I started with the same foundation – a box tie to constrain the arms, integrated with a chest harness so that even if she managed to slip her wrists out, the upper arm ropes would stop her being able to reach any of the other knots. Then I frogtied her legs and made her lie face down on the bed- but I was smart enough to pick the rope bag with the most rope in it, so I had a few more rope lengths to play with on Ariel than she had had when rigging Faye.
The two keys to immobilising her were to put tension on ropes going down to the foot of the bed (to stop her rolling) and putting multiple layers of tied rope over each other, with the knots a long way out of reach. That way even if she managed to get a little of the rope loosened, the actual securing knots were still safely out of reach and kept that way by some of the additional rope layers. No matter how much she struggles or fights, she is not getting out and she can’t even wriggle! Mission accomplished!

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