Apprentice Ryan, Chap 4 – Atonement – Bishop Angus, Marcus Ryan BB

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Apprentice Ryan’s body shook like a leaf as he bent over the bench. He looked at the dark, glistening knobs beneath him, a sort of trail of where he had come from. He felt Grandmaster Angus’ big, hairy hands on his worn out ass, caressing him and soothing him as he stared down at the objects of his atonement.
The first few plugs stretched him out fine, with only a modest amount of struggle before he found himself pleased with his own capability. But the last two did him in, stretching him beyond what he could handle, leaving him a shaking, weakened wreck. He tried to muster up the strength to continue, but alas, he had to bow out, leaving the final and largest plug unconquered. As a result, Grandmaster Angus had to give him his punishment.
Ryan didn’t know what was coming. He knew the leaders had strange methods of keeping initiates in line, but he was fortunate to have had to experience them all. As he awaited his fate, he took the time to catch his breath, steeling himself Angus’ plans, even allowing himself to find pleasure in the soft touches to his ass. Ryan felt a warm tongue on his hole, a much needed salve on his weary insides. He let out soft moans, grateful for the gentle massage and relaxation. He wanted to look back, but he was told to keep his eyes forward and his hands on the bench, locking himself in place for what was to come.

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