Anton part 5

Sexy hetero bastard Anton plays innocent. As if getting tattoos, sporting a sexy beard and wearing trousers that emphasise his arse aren’t meant to tease and turn men like us on?! It’s entirely his fault that we’re driven to entrapping straight cunts like this and giving him exactly what he deserves: relentless discipline and anal punishment. Now that he’s trussed up in nothing but a skimpy pair of pants and can do nothing to protect his rear, this fucker is reduced to spouting homophobic insults. We teach Anton who is really the boss by tearing that fabric away and spanking his arse till he can’t stand it any longer. Dave pries apart the lad’s sore bum cheeks to expose the target of Anton’s pink arsehole. He spits directly on it and the hetero squirms in disgust as he feels his hole being lubed up for a pounding! But there is nothing he can do to prevent us driving into his arse by first prying open that sphincter and then fucking him with a fat fucking dildo. His fulsome genitals are cruelly weighed down to breaking point while we relentlessly invade his hole. This is exactly what Anton had coming to him!

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