Anton part 4

Now that Anton has felt the vicious sting of our severe punishment he knows to obey! We keep him stark naked and handcuffed. As soon as he hears Dave’s thunderous command he’s instantly on his knees with his arse in the air. All we have to do is mechanically spread his bumhole and secure a funnel inside him to turn him into a straight boy human urinal! Anton feels the crushing humiliation as we both piss directly into his arse. All that warm stinking urine sloshing around inside him is secured in his anal cavity with a butt plug. The pressure of having it trapped inside is unbearably excruciating. It takes every last drop of his willpower to resist yanking out that plug to release it, but Anton knows that if he does the backlash will be SEVERE! We turn him into a pup and make him fetch by crawling across the floor stark naked desperately trying to please us. Every hesitation earns him a sharp lashing to his bum. Anton is in such agonizing pain and he’s so demoralized that tears run down his cheeks as he struggles to obey. When Anton is finally allowed to release the pressure in his arse he must squat over a bowl to let it all out. It’s such a relief to let it all out that he doesn’t realise he will have to lap up every drop of piss that shoots out of his arse. This is a whole new level of humiliation that this hetero will never forget!

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