Anton part 3

Hetero Anton is seething with rage bound as he is in such a vulnerable position with his legs akimbo and nothing but a thin pair of shorts covering his genitals. But there’s nothing this feisty bastard can do to escape his predicament or resist Adrian’s insistent groping. With just a few snips his protective shorts fall away revealing his sexy hairy arsehole and great big bollocks. The only way to teach this smug fucker a lesson is to bind up his precious jewels so he’s in constant agonizing pain. His proud dick is flattened with a series of chopsticks binding it and his plump bollocks are roped up like plums about to pop. This tough bastard shows what a whimpering pussy he is hollering for help, but all this earns him is a gag fastened over his mouth. That arse is so tempting we use a fat dildo attached to a power tool to bust his hole open and relentlessly fuck him. Dave administers a cruel caning to the sensitive soles of his feet. Now every nerve ending in his body is screaming in agony. It’s exactly what this straight fucker deserves!

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