Anthony’s First Spanking

Anthony is a big, muscular and outwardly-confident 20-year-old straight boy. Just how confident? Watch his interview video and see for yourself. He constantly flexes and admires himself in the cameras.
This video opens with Anthony talking about his history of physical discipline. He describes in detail discipline from a stern school administrator. He becomes very serious as he reflects on the experience, but, just a moment after he finishes the story with his head hanging, he looks up, catches a glimpse of himself in the camera, and can’t help but smile. He clearly loves the way he looks.
Just a few minutes before this spanking began, Anthony asked Tom who was going to be spanking him. That would have been a reasonable question to ask days before when the offer had been made. It might have been a reasonable question when he asked it if Tom wasn’t the only other person present. However, it was not a reasonable question to ask just minutes before the video began, especially given that Tom had been the only person present for the two hours of the shoot that elapsed since Anthony’s arrival. Still, Anthony asked it and Tom addresses that question during this spanking.
Anthony’s bravado fades quickly after the spanking begins. He transforms from the confident young man we met in his interview video to an obedient and respectful boy in trouble. We’ve seen this before with other straight boys, but never to this extent. It is a particularly surprising transformation given the very negative and aggressive reaction he described having (in his interview video) to being hit on by a guy.
Tom uses his hand, a belt, leather slapper, wooden spoon and perforated paddle on Anthony. Tom had expected Anthony to be a tough nut to crack. He expected that Anthony would show very little reaction to being spanked. But what he got was a boy who reacted like he was back in the principal’s office, unable to hide his physical and verbal reactions.

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