Anthony on the Bench

Anthony is a hot, hung, muscular 20-year-old straight boy. He hates being spanked, but he likes the money more than he hates the spanking. This is Anthony’s second spanking video, shot after his first and before the "Anthony Returns" videos.
Anthony is a tough, somewhat cocky boy. As we learned in his interview video, he’s been in many fights and he isn’t afraid to throw a punch. However, as soon as the spankings begin, Anthony has always reverted into an obedient boy. A few smacks on his ass and he is both polite and and respectful.
This session was a lot harder than his first, and Anthony almost wouldn’t return after this shoot. It begins with Anthony ordered to strip down and get on the spanking bench. Tom straps him in and then goes at him with his hand and a host of implements (including a large paint stick, birch, large leather slapper, rubber slapper/paddle, small oak paddle and a brief session with the much-dreaded cane).
Anthony doesn’t take this spanking well. He kicks his legs fiercely and screams loudly; louder than any boy has yelled in any spanking Tom has given thus far. In fact, Anthony yells so loudly at one point (when Tom is using the rubber slapper/paddle on him) that Tom was afraid any passersby might become alarmed and somehow intervene. Still, that didn’t deter Tom. He carries on with Anthony’s harsh session. The small oak paddle is just as bad.
The video ends with Anthony staring at his bright red ass in the cameras (a delay which costs him a few more swats by hand). Afterward, Anthony told Tom this session almost made him cry. You’ll see him coming close a few times.

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:19
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Audio: 184kbps

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