Johnny and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Yes, we have been married that long. 🙂 And, it was a little bit too big of a milestone for us not to share with you. So, after dinner at the fancy, expensive steak house, we go back to our hotel room. While I am still wearing the white and navy dress that Johnny loves with stockings and high heels, he decides to use sports cuffs to keep me from getting away. He secures my arms together behind my back and then my legs together at the ankles on the floor, while I am sitting on the couch. Johnny, also, allows me to wear my black metal collar (it seems appropriate since we are celebrating marriage) and black latex bit gag. It’s an easy predicament, but hey we’ve worked hard to get here! Also, did you notice that this is set #500 since we started numbering the sets, anyway? Of course, we have much more from before that!

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