Anna Lee: Uncooperative bitch

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

The big brute drags Anna in and throws her onto the chaise, quickly pinning her with his bulk and starting a rope around her wrists. She squirms and kicks, showing just how little she likes this, bitching the whole time for him to let her go, get off, leave her alone, and every other plea in the book. But nothing convinces Ivan to stop what he’s doing – especially when he sees her little black shirtdress hike up around first the tops of Anna’s lacy black stockings, then even higher to show off that tight little ass. Once her hands are tied, Ivan pulls out another rope, dodging her kicks, and ties her knees together to stop that little problem.
By this point he’s heard enough of her name-calling and complaining, so he helps the feisty girl stand, even collects the hair out of her face, but only to make it easier for him to cram a cloth in her mouth. As he is about to wind tape around her head to keep her quiet, she spits the cloth back out and glares in stubborn anger. Ivan threatens to get mean on her, and she finally cooperates a little, just enough to be thoroughly gagged, tape wound repeated around her head. He shoves her back down onto the chaise and starts to tie her ankles, but she’s still kicking and kicks her shoes off repeatedly, trying to make things difficult for Ivan. She’s only making it harder on herself, considering she’ll be walking barefoot across gravel if she keeps this up. Ivan puts her shoes back on and this time ties them on to make sure the angry little girl doesn’t kick them off again.
Anna really starts to get fed up with the whole situation, resuming her kicking and grunting angrily behind the gag. Ivan thinks perhaps it’s best to let her calm down a little bit before they go anywhere, and the best way for her to do that is in a nice tight hogtie, so he adds a rope around her waist and around her chest, then to her ankles. Finally the fight seems to have gone out of her a little, though she still bitches and whines from behind the gag. At this point, all she can really do is flex against the ropes, which is fine for Ivan. When he decides she’s calm enough and more compliant, he picks her up from kneeling on the floor straight up to his shoulder, ready to go..

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