Angela Sommers – Barbara Gordon Sinks in Quicksand

Mild mannered librarian Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers), is dressed in a sheer black nylon teddy and stockings. She awakens to find herself trapped in a small white room. She is laying on a small plank extending out over a floor made of fine reddish sand. How did she get here? What is this stuff? The voice of Catwoman (Candle) explains that the sand below her is ‘Clavicsand’. Suddenly watery bubbles erupt from the surface below her. Barbara looks down in apprehension. She carefully slips off one of her stiletto high heel shoes, dangles it over the sand and drops it in. The shoe lands and after a short pause it slowly sinks out of sight. Barbara recoils, understanding that the ground below her is actually quicksand! Catwoman explains that it is even more sinister than quicksand. She says that the more Barbara struggles the slower she’ll sink.
Slowly the plank begins to retract into the wall. Barbara throws her remaining shoe away and carefully climbs to her feet, slowly stepping back as the plank disappears into the wall. Eventually, she has no other option but to step down into the quicksand. She slowly sinks, struggling to no avail; trying to stay afloat in the thick mire. She sinks all the way to her nose before she is saved by a rope that is lowered down. She grabs it for dear life and is slowly pulled upwards out of the quicksand to safety.

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