Andrew’s First Ever Spanking

First Contact Video! Prior to this video, Andrew had never been touched by a man. Andrew is a hot 19-year-old blonde straight boy who needed to earn money to pay off court fines arising from a DUI. In the state Andrew lives in, a DUI automatically results in several penalties, including substance abuse meetings, community service (road crew), and a host of different fees and fines. The penalties are worse if, like Andrew, you’re not old enough to in the first place. On top of all of this, your driver’s license is, of course, suspended, making it much harder for you to earn the money necessary to meet your court-imposed obligations.

This was an expensive video to make. Andrew had never been physically disciplined prior to this shoot and he needed a good deal of money to pay his fines. As bad as the penalties Andrew is facing are, he faces much worse penalties if he fails to meet any of his court-ordered obligations. The result is a video that depicts true punishment that Andrew endured to pay his fines.
To his credit, Andrew decided to do what it takes to meet his obligations on his own, including going over Tom’s knee to do this video. Going into this shoot, Andrew had a relatively positive attitude. However, he has a hard time with the spanking. As quickly becomes evident, it’s hard for this straight boy to swallow his pride and bare his ass over a man’s knee. Despite Tom’s admonitions to keep his eyes on the camera, shame and embarrassment cause Andrew to repeatedly and instinctively bury his face in his hands. And then there’s the pain of the spanking. Andrew struggles with that, too.
Even before his pants come off, Andrew is reacting to the pain. And those reactions continue and intensify as the spanking proceeds. Tom doesn’t let the fact that it’s Andrew’s first spanking affect the intensity. In addition to plenty of hard smacks with his hand, Tom gives it to Andrew with a plastic ruler, a birch and an electric paddle. Andrew’s resulting grimacing, twitching, gasping and grunting are nearly constant.
In the end, all of this comes down to punishment. Driving under the influence of is a serious crime that can have life-altering consequences. While he probably doesn’t feel fortunate during this spanking, Andrew is very fortunate in that nobody was injured or as a result of his and driving. There are literally thousands of less-fortunate young men who would gladly endure a series of the harshest spankings rather than serve the prison sentences their more consequential driving earned them.

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