Andrew’s First Ever Spanking Part 2

Andrew is a hot 19-year-old blonde straight boy who got himself into legal trouble by driving under the influence. The Court’s sentence included fines and associated costs which must be paid to avoid even stiffer penalties.
Andrew decided to do a video to earn the money to pay the associated costs and fines, and Tom decided to give him a spanking worthy of the trouble he had gotten himself into. So, in one sense, this is a court-ordered spanking.
This second part of Andrew’s first-ever spanking begins with his butt already quite red and sore. Tom orders Andrew to kick off his underwear, and then begins to spank him by hand again. He then uses a Wartenberg wheel on his butt. Next comes a hard session with Tom’s belt. The costs and fines Andrew will pay with the money from this spanking are imposed as punishment for a serious and dangerous offense. Tom makes a point of driving the punishment nature of the spanking home by having Andrew repeat "I will not and drive" after each lash of the belt.
At this point, Andrew seems to come back for any more videos, which is a shame. He did make a serious mistake, but he is a very polite, nice boy who likely has a bright future as long as he doesn’t and drive any more. Tom is confident that Andrew will remember this spanking any time he considers and driving.
Maybe if he’d been spanked growing up, Andrew wouldn’t have engaged in , and then driving under the influence, in the first place. There’s a difference between being nice and doing the right the thing. Not learning the cause-and-effect relationship between actions and consequences when one is young can lead to serious problems later in life.

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