Alec Suspended

Military boy Alec is back for another spanking. Although he was subject to regular strict discipline when he was younger, none of it makes it easier for Alec to submit to Tom’s hand. Before coming to our studio, it had been a long time since Alec had to submit to anyone. He is a USMC combat veteran who never thought he’d be spanked again. But he has bills to pay, so he’s back for another session.
In this video, Tom suspends Alec by his wrists. Alec hadn’t known that he would be suspended during this spanking. While it’s clear he doesn’t like it, he submits. He knows what he’s come in for and knows he must do as he is told if he wants to complete the video.
Tom first spanks Alec over his jeans, and then pulls Alec’s jeans down, revealing the white briefs he’s wearing underneath. After spanking him for a while like that, Tom pulls down Alec’s briefs, too, and really gets down to work. He uses his hand and an array of implements on Alec, including a leather belt, two leather slappers, a wooden spoon and paddle, a paint stick, plastic ruler. Alec has a hard time with almost all of them. One look at the expressions on his face tells you just how painful they are.
Alec has great reactions during this video. He is clearly struggling with the pain of the spanking, yet he does not complain. He just sweats, grunts and grimaces, occasionally uttering a curse word. By the end of this video, Alec’s had all he can take. When Tom asks, Alec readily states that he doesn’t know if he’ll be back. Luckily, we find that the memory of the pain and humiliation often subsides when these boys find themselves in another financial bind.

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