Alec Hard and Fast

This is the shortest spanking video we’ve produced, but what it lacks in duration it makes up for in severity. Alec was over three hours late for this video. He had neither called nor emailed, nor had he answered Tom’s calls or emails. He texted about 45 minutes before he showed up to say he was running late (which was not news at that point).
Tom told him he’d have to reschedule, but Alec really needed to do the shoot today, so Tom agreed but told him it would be a hard, quick spanking and paddling. Tom wasted no time ordering Alec into a kneeling position. The spanking starts with firm, hard, quick swats from Tom’s hand that register instantly on Alec’s face. It isn’t long before Alec is struggling with the pain of the spanking. Tears well up in his eyes and his face contorts repeatedly with each swat from Tom’s hand. Next the paddle comes out. Alec has a much harder time with it. The strokes of the paddle are hard and delivered in rapid succession. By the end of this spanking, Alec is as close to tears as any boy Tom’s spanked.
There’s no questioning or lecturing in this video. Tom was mad and Alec knew he was lucky to get this done today at all. Alec had been late for a reason. He had family issues to deal with. Tom probably would’ve been understanding about that, but there is simply no excuse for not calling, texting or emailing.

Format: mp4
Duration: 6:20
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4737kbps
Audio: 170kbps

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