Alba Zevon: Secret Agent Collared and Chained, restrainedelegance

Disappearances in the Duke’s domain have started drawing international attention. The Italian Secret Service have sent their top agent, Alba Zevon, to infiltrate the Duke’s estate and find out what is happening to all these beautiful young women who go missing in the area. Alba slips through the first few layers of security and makes it into the main house- but then the Duke’s men are on to her! She is captured, collared and chained in the dungeon!
Of course she denies everything, she’s just a tourist who got lost. She is confident that they will never break her. But she’s too confident – surely a real tourist would be afraid, not spitting defiance? The Duke’s security chief is sure they’ll get to the bottom of who she is and why she’s here, but first they need to soften her up with an extended bondage ordeal in the dungeons. First they oblige her to strip out of her slinky black catsuit and then they intimidate her… and then they just leave her, locked in stringent metal bondage, naked and alone in solitary confinement in the dungeons. Solitary breaks the strongest of wills!
Alba is left to endure an extended time of nude-in-metal bondage. She is collared and chained to the ceiling so there is no hope of escape (although being a resourceful agent of course she tries everything – detritus from around the cell, trying to knock off the padlocks with a rock pulled out from the walls, climbing on the stones to try to get to the ring on the ceiling to which she is fastened. There is no escape).
Her wrists are initially chained behind her with hinged chromed handcuffs and her ankles locked in modern leg irons. When they come in to feed and water her after a very uncomfortable night they change her bondage to heavy Clejuso leg irons and rigid police speedcuffs, and they emphasise how little they care about her talking with a mouth-filling, drool-inducing big ballgag. She spends the day so confined. The next day the change the speedcuffs for a globe cuff in front, to make sure she stays restrained but doesn’t come to any harm from being in one bondage position too long. How long will they keep her here before they even start the interrogation?

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