AJ – She Was Asking For It

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

David and Ogre were talking about this girl they saw and how hot she was and how she has to be into the idea of a XXXX scene. Ogre thinks that David might be a little misguided so they make a bet for 200 bucks and go to get her XXXX. They find AJ lounging on the couch and grab her and quickly get her face down on the floor and get to work binding her elbows together. She puts up a good fight and resists well for a bit before finally running out of energy and finding her elbows welded together. She kicks her high heels at David while he finishes off her elbow rope and moves onto binding her wrists tightly together. AJ manages to actually get herself rolled over before Ogre gets a red ballgag into her mouth. Finally with AJ silenced they get to work getting her legs bound. David rolls poor AJ over and pulls her legs up and holds them while Ogre binds them together. Getting her legs back up in the air David grabs her ponytail and holds her head up while they maneuver her over onto her stomach to get her hogtied finally. With her finally subdued David and Ogre take their leave to find some beverages and cool off before what they termed “Round Two”. Before leaving they realize that she can reach one of her knots so they get to work securing it before they finally take off. Ogre pulls a hogtie rope up XXXX AJ into a strict arch and causing her to moan through the ballgag at the strain of the pull. AJ desperately tries to create chaos one more time holding onto a piece of rope that didn’t get used but they get it back and use it to tie her off to the radiator to punish her for being so stubborn. Held in a tight strappado and frogtie/hogtie they finally head out leaving her twisted up bound and gagged on the floor. AJ squirms around and finds the knot immediately on the rope holding her to the radiator, sadly for her its tied so many times she’s unable to get herself free before they come back with water. She’s tough though and keeps trying to untie it even though they are sitting there watching her. Finally they head off again to find some food and leave her to work on some more knots. She can’t help but feel like they are just toying with her at this point not even trying to stop her from untying herself. Finally she figures out if she gets her high heels off she can shuck the rope holding them to her ass so she makes a bit of progress wiggling her red painted pantyhosed toes in the process. She gets one leg free and manages to slip the rope on the other shoe to get her legs free and only the rope holding her to the radiator stands between her and being able to run away from the scene. She frantically looks for them men and works on the rope pulling and grunting unable to get the massive rope untied. She stops to moan in frustration through the ballgag at her inability to manipulate the rope in her ever fingertips. Finally the rope comes clear and she runs off screen hoping that she can get to the door before the grab her again..

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:39
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 1631kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 227.6 MB