Adv of O-girl and Nylonika – Obsession – Chapter 6

Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is lounging at home when she receives a mysterious package from Apparel Obsessia addressed to her roommate, fellow AO girl Linda Graham. Linda is out of town and Kelly just can’t resist opening the package. Inside she finds a gorgeous pink and white striped leather corset with matching collar, pantyhose and shoes – along with a pair of black leather wrist, elbow and ankle cuffs. A note explains that the outfit is for Linda to wear at her upcoming Apparel Obsessia ball in a few weeks. Kelly decides that Linda wouldn’t mind and tries on the outfit, only to find that the corset locks closed around her and then slowly shrinks. The cuffs suddenly magnetizes, locking her elbows, wrists and ankles together. She tries to scream, but a leather bit gag slides out from her collar and locks closed in her mouth. Unable to scream or remove the corset, she struggles against the restraints, trying desperately to escape, but it is impossible – the corset just continues to tighten around her. Then just when all seems lost, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives and cuts the corset off of her just in the nick of time. Nylonika learns that Kelly has received a strange request for a foot fetish shoot and decides to go in her place, while O-girl (Christina Carter) takes a sample of the stocking used to Debra Walsh back to the O-lab for further investigation.

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