Adv of O-girl and Nylonika – Obsession – Chapter 4-5

Caroline Charmers, aka O-girl, (Christina Carter), and Marie Chersan, aka Nylonika (Kendra James), are relaxing at home, looking forward to their upcoming boat trip. Both dressed in sexy vintage girdles and fully fashioned stockings, they begin to play with each other and just before Caroline can bring Marie to orgasm, a call comes in on the O-phone from Capital City police headquarters. O-girl is informed of the passing of Apparel Obsessia girl Debra Walsh, who was found exfixiated with a bunch of stockings. She is also informed that another AO girl Allison Quivers has gone missing. Obviously something is amiss and Caroline and Marie change, making their startling transformation into O-girl and Nylonika!

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