Adv of O-girl and Nylonika – Obsession – Chapter 13

Leaving O-girl (Christina Carter) to slowly lose her breath in sheer-tex stockings, Lauren (Darling) goes to studio A to wait for Nylonika (Kendra James) with Lady Lovelace. Nylonika arrives at the studio and follows the sounds of drums to a set decorated in a tiki style, with bamboo on the walls and a fine sand floor. She walks out into the set just as Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) and Lauren walk up. Before the evil duo can spring their trap, O-girl arrives and joins Nylonika. Lady Lovelace and Lauren get over their shock and spring their trap on both girls. O-girl and Nylonika can’t react in time, they find themselves sinking into the sandy ground. Lady Lovelace and Lauren explain that the entire set is filled with StruggleSand, a inescapable synthetic quicksand guaranteed to get rid of them once and for all. Lady Lovelace and Lauren laugh, leaving O-girl and Nylonika to slowly sink in the molten earth.

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