Adara the Bad Roommate – Part 1

I come home after a long business trip to find my house destroyed. cans and broken dishes litter the floors, along with many unknown substances that will require a thorough cleaning with bleach at the minimum. To top it off, My favorite chair is gone! It looks like my non rent paying roommate is to blame. It’s not long before Adara is trussed up with a bag over her head, which she seems to hate, but at this point, it is better that I don’t see her. Of course she has excuse after excuse and a very bad attitude. After a little groping and manhandling, I take the bag off her head, but after listening to her excuses, I soon cleave gag her with an ace bandage before tying her to the chair more securely. I then wrap her gag with black tape, making it painful, which is evident by looking at her distorted and discolored face. Her comfort is last on my list at this point. She is quiet with this gag though! I eventually remove it to see if she is ready to admit fault and apologize, but it sure does not seem that way. I guess I will need to soldier on with my attitude adjustment plan.

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