Adam’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! Before this video, Adam had never been touched by a man. Adam is a hot 20-year-old straight boy who hasn’t been physically disciplined in several years.
In this video, you’ll see Adam go over Tom’s knee (a position he clearly hadn’t expected to be in) and get spanked and paddled until he can barely take it. You’ll watch as Tom pulls down Adam’s pants and later his boxers, and you’ll see Tom’s hand swatting and gripping Adam’s ass. This is definitely a day of firsts for Adam.
Adam starts feeling the pain fairly early on in this video. It registers on his face before his ass is even bare. But it really starts showing when Tom pulls his boxers down and begins smacking his bare ass by hand.
Tom uses his hand, a ping pong paddle, a birch, a leather slapper and an electric paddle on Adam. The electric paddle and Tom’s hand get Adam kicking and writhing around, especially when Tom spanks Adam’s lower butt/upper thigh area. Through it all, Adam holds on to Tom’s left knee for dear life. By the end of this video, Adam’s ass and upper thighs are a deep shade of red.
Tom really likes spanking Adam. In addition to being hot, he is very deferential. But what Tom really likes is the way Adam puts a disappear grip on Tom’s knee as he’s squirming and kicking around. Adam takes what’s coming, but that doesn’t mean he sits still for it!

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:57
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Audio: 179kbps

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