Adam on the Bench Part 2

Adam is a hung and muscular 20-year-old straight frat boy. This is the part two of your "Adam on the Bench" video. Adam has a very sensitive butt. It doesn’t take much at all to get him grunting, and by the end of this video Tom’s paddle has him pounding his fists (as best as he can while strapped to the bench) yelling louder than any boy Tom’s ever spanked and wiping away tears.
This video opens with Tom using an electric paddle on Adam’s already-sensitive butt. He then moves on to hand spanking and the use of the paddle Adam finds so hard to take. Adam struggles and jerks around so much that he knocks the top cushion loose from the spanking bench. By the end of the video, Adam is sufficiently subdued and more than ready to leave.
This may be the last the time we see Adam (at least for a quite a while). Adam comes from a military family. His and served, and his is insistent that Adam follow their example. Adam was physically disciplined growing up, and that has made him a very respectful young man. It’s difficult to tell whether Adam wants to go into the military. It is, however, clear that Adam fears his at least as much as he respects him and will do what is expected of him.

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