Acres of Ass 2 (1996)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Muscle Men, Toys, Fisting, Big Cock, BDSM, Fetish, Threesomes
Starring: Corey Jay, Cole Tucker, Eric Michaels, Spike, Armstrong Stoker, Eel
Studio: Plain Wrapped Video, Hot House Video

Luckily the dull Mossinni is missing from this installment but the rest of the dirtybag fistpigs are back including Stoker (let’s hope by name by nature), briefly seen at the end of the first about to get friendly with Jay – and be the top…
There’s a brief recap from the first – including the “Spike – hit the shower” bit and we are left alone with Jay and Stoker. Guess Stoker can make anyone his bitch as Jay takes over Spike’s role of spreading his asscheeks for Daddy.
Stoker tongue-fucks Jay into oblivion before wearing a mega strap-on and keeping up with Jay’s insatiable bottoming skills. (Remember him in The Final Link?)
The strap-on is discarded after an amazing show of Jay’s bossy-bottom encouragement; his hole gets more stretched by larger and larger buttplugs and dildos before Stoker stokes the amazing hole with both his fists. Jay begs for more throughout, and Stoker is way happy to oblige. Nobody struggles like Jay struggles!
Remember Michaels from the first film, too? Last we saw of him he was handcuffed to a sling with Tucker’s stogie dangling out of his boypussy. Well, Tucker’s back, brandishing a buttplug (strangely small compared to what else we’ve seen) that’ll keep Michaels busy whilst foul-mouthed Tucker gets to grips with Eel, watching from a cage opposite.
Eel gets the full cigar-smoke-tit-slapping Tucker treatment, but this is one guy who can take it without flinching – and more. Tucker is roaring at the end! Impressed, Tucker lets his slave tongue worship his torso (Michaels still watching from the sling) before spitting on him and trying to rip his tits clear off his body – they stretch about five inches; it’s like Richard Harris in A Man Called Horse. Michaels is getting a bit fractious on his own, so Tucker finds the biggest, knobbliest buttplug he can lay his hands on (the biggest in the movie so far) and amazingly forces Eel onto it, before turning his attentions to his other slave.
Michaels gets a huge dildo for his pleasure, whilst Eel rides the traffic cone sized piece. All the while Tucker is shouting dirty words, encouraging the both of them. Tucker is such a talented Daddy, totally in control. His voice is so bass-heavy in places it actually blew my speakers, forcing me to watch the rest silent – but even that couldn’t detract from the enjoyment! Finally Eel gets a go in the sling, taking Tucker’s hands (Tucker doing his usual bicep-punch action) whilst Michaels adds a helping hand. Utterly breathtaking, fucking amazing scene. You’ll wish you were a tenth as talented as these guys!
Back with Jay and Stoker, Spike has reappeared. Wonder if he knows what he’s in for. Jay becomes top again and the two treat our little Aussie bottom to a black rubber gloved fisting session. Eventually both get their hands up and thrust in and out like a choo-choo train. Jay, looking amazingly hot dressed just in a black rubber jock, eventually gets up to the elbow.
For Spike’s next trick (in a sequence once seen never forgotten) Jay and Stoker force three poolballs up him. The first is shot out easily enough, but the others get stuck and take a bunch of great coaxing and encouragement. Agonizingly pleasurable minutes pass before the others resurface. Enjoy!..

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