Abel’s First Spanking

Abel is a cute 19-year-old college boy with a lean body and a winning smile. This is Abel’s first spanking video, as well as his first adult video of any type, but it is not his first spanking. As you will learn during his interview at the beginning of this video, Abel is no stranger to physical discipline. He nervously describes details of his past discipline in response to Tom’s questions.
Despite his size and cute appearance, Abel is dominant in his sexual encounters. While he is not prepared for being ordered over Tom’s knee, he does as he is told. After a few reminders in the form of some hard spanking, Abel quickly falls into line. Tom gets his full attention early on in this video.
Much of the spanking in this video is by hand. Abel starts feeling it fairly early on, and his embarrassment at being over Tom’s knee is palpable. When Tom orders him to strip, he does so obediently, though it is clear he is nervous and embarrassed. Notice the look on Abel’s face at 12 minutes and 30 seconds when Tom pulls Abel’s underwear down. By the end of this video, Abel’s nervous smiles have faded to a very serious expression. A good spanking has that effect.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:16
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