Aaron part 11

Sporty straight stud Aaron is locked in place in nothing but a tiny pair of speedos. Just a little fumbling from us makes his willy peek out of that sheer fabric. The insubordinate bastard hurls insults at us so we fill his mouth with a gag as if he were nothing more than a rebellious farm animal. He’s going to learn respect by our humiliating and punishing his pride and joy. That big fat dick of his falls right out when Dave shreds his little shorts. Dave cruelly squeezes his dick until Aaron feels like it’s going to pop off and stomps on it with his thick boots. His genitals are fixed in a ball crusher so every slight turn of the screw tightens it further flattening his big manly balls. Aaron is so desperate from the excruciatingly wicked punishment we deliver to his dick and nads Tears roll down his cheeks and he’s driven to a state of panic as we zap his cock. His genitals are so sensitized his body doesn’t know how to sensation anymore. We manipulate his dick so he’s driven into a frenzy and unleashes a load of pent up sperm. Aaron hates gays but now he can’t deny that two benders tossed him off!

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Duration: 20:33
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