Aaron Over the Knee

We’ve had more requests for this video than any other. Aaron, age 19, is back for his second spanking video (which is only the second spanking he’s had in his entire life). Viewers wanted more of Aaron, and for him to be over the knee in particular. It wasn’t easy. If you’ll recall, at the time of his first shoot, right before his first spanking, Aaron changed his mind and decided to leave. After some careful last-minute negotiations, Aaron changed his mind again and did the video. But that did not mean he was open to doing this video.
In fact, when Tom offered Aaron another spanking video, Aaron said he wasn’t interested. But then he contacted Tom and asked for details. Not wanting to be limited by a specific description, Tom would only tell Aaron that he’d be in a different position and that the spanking would be harder. Aaron acted as though those details were somehow reassuring or what he wanted to hear, and agreed to this video. In actuality, we think Aaron had probably already decided to do another video before he even contacted Tom again.
It became clear after the first shoot that the reason Aaron had nearly backed out of that first spanking was because he had agreed to it without realizing what it was (and because he had never been spanked before). Tom had described it as a paddling video, and Aaron had agreed to it without asking what that meant. This time Aaron came in with his eyes wide open.
Tom loves the way Aaron shows up dressed so nicely, right down to his underwear. He clearly puts some thought into what he’s worn to this spanking. We’d pay real money to know what went through his mind as he chose the clothes that Tom would be ordering him out of.
Tom lets Aaron have it with his hand, a ping pong paddle, a birch, a riding crop and a leather slapper. Aaron does his best to remain stoic. But as the spanking goes on, especially while Tom is using the leather slapper, Aaron’s eyes start to moisten and he begins to swallow hard. After the slapper, Tom sets in with his hand again, this time giving Aaron a series of hard, old-fashioned smacks to the ass that leave his butt red and quivering.
Aaron is clearly in pain at the end of this video. He complains about his butt hurting and how the spanking has been harder than he expected. Tom told him it would be harder than the first spanking, but we guess that the memory of the pay lasts longer than the memory of the pain!

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Duration: 14:37
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