A Domanitrix Finds Out She Likes To Be Tickled

Cast: With Vicky Vixxx And Brenda Bound
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Tickling, Struggle, Laughing, Drool, Suffer, Tall, Gagged, Ball Gag, Hands Over Head
Video language: English

Scene 1 ( 8 min) Vicky is a dominatrix who had tied and tickled other ladies, but she lost bet to you so today she will be your slave. You made her kneel with hands behind her head and handcuff her hands behind her back. You tickle Vicky’s upper body and say you love tickling bitchy dominatrix locked in her own handcuff. Vicky bucks laughs and says you can’t do this to her because she is very ticklish and now she knew why her ticklyees can’t stop laughing. Only to be harness ball gagged and have her upper body ( armpits, rib cage and sides) tickled by Your fingers. While tickling Vicky you say Vicky forgets she lost bet and her hands locked behind her , so try and stop me ( of course she can’t) . After long tickle you march Vicky off.2) Scene 2 ( 12 min) Using handcuffs You handcuff Vicky’s wrists strung up above her head to ceiling and tie her ankles apart to bar leg spreader. Your fingers than start tickling Vicky’s upper body and make her buck squirm and laugh, you say Vicky might be a tough and tall, but now she is laughing at your slightest touch. In between laugh Vicky yelled this is so humiliating yet kinda fun, and you harness ball gag Vicky and prevent her from screaming, and give her some tickling while She can’t talk back. Finally u stop tickling her and took off her harness gag, you said Vicky’s sentence is up and you are going to un cuff her hands ( and you reach up with key). Vicky said “ don’t untie me yet , I want you to tickle me more”. You smiled and resume tickling her armpits and rib cage, saying so Mistress Vicky loves being tickled. Vicky nodded in agreement, all while bucking and laughing, saying she love being tickled.

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