691 – Jana White – The Butler Did It!

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Snooty young socialite Jana White treats her household staff with nothing but contempt, so when she felt a chill and berated her butler for not providing her with a wrap for the evening, he gave her Exactly that! He mummified the bitchy little tart tightly to a pole, he tits exposed for all to enjoy! Still, she wouldn’t stop mouthing off, so he packed her mouth with sponge and wrapped her face tightly in medical bandage, sealing her mouth shut and fusing her head to the pole! Now that she was finally silent, the butler decided to discuss an increase in salary with her, but she seemed less than receptive to the idea. Perhaps she was having trouble focusing on her plight, so the butler decided to give her something to think about! Using white electrical tape, he wrapped her huge boobs up so tight Jana thought they would explode! Squirming and mewling, the lady of the house was in absolute agony as her tits throbbed with pain! Finally, the butler realized he was be better off seeking other employment. Before he left, however, he clamped his former mistresses nipples, each clamp complete with it’s own tiny bell! Now Jana was in dire straits indeed! However, if she jiggled her aching breasts hard enough, she just might be able to ring the bells loud enough to summon another member of the staff. Of course, who knew what they’d do to her if and when they came?.

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Duration: 18:06
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