5 Great Clips IntoTheAttic part 30.

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English

Lane is still restricted in the manner previously described. She is getting on her knees in preparation for sucking Luther. She just told me how much she prides herself on her cock sucking skills. This should be good given she is so small. Her head is small. Her mouth isn’t even very big. I place the condom right on the tip of Luther and tell her to go at it. She opens her mouth as big as possible and stuffs Luther in. It completely fills the circle her mouth makes and then some. When she reaches three inches deep her cheeks are puffed out like a ground squirrel getting ready for winter. The sides of her mouth are sort of folded back in on themselves. And she makes this deep, guttural gagging sound. Her eyes are closed. When she pulls back off of him she gasp, says, "damn", swallows hard and goes back at it. She pushes down hard on him again, managing 3.75 inches before she makes a sound that you sometimes hear just before someone throws up. She grimaces and pulls back fast, a trail of slobber reaching from the tip of Luther to her bottom lip. She goes back at it after another hard swallow, a tear starting to run down her left cheek now. She starts to work it, 2 inches then down to 3.5 inches, 2 inches back down to 3.5 inches, a wad of slobber and spit in a thick, heavy stream falls from her mouth as she massages the shaft with her face hole. I tell her to stop and hold it in her throat as deep as possible. She does but it distresses her greatly. Both eyes have tears falling from them now. She coughs and she is quickly warned not remove Luther in spite of this. The slobber is running incessantly now, without stopping it falls from around her mouth as she attempts to hold Luther deep. Copious amounts. I make her tell me her name while still holding it deep in her throat. She starts to gag incessantly as well. It’s all she can do it keep it there. Her whole face looks like it wants to explode. That’s when I start to flog her –YELLING at her to keep holding it. She’s crying now. When she is finally allowed to pull back off of it she gasp, takes in a deep breath like she just popped up from below the surface of the water and then she’s told to start sucking it again IMMEDAITELY. When she is allowed to stop sucking Luther she refuses. She actually tells me she thinks she can do a better job. She is allowed to try but ultimately, she is made to look at you, The Viewer, and apologize for being a disappointment.

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