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STR8HELL – Damien Cert and Martin Lucika – RAUNCHY

Model Name: Damien Cert Age: 23 Home Town: Krnov show map Height: 173cm/5’8″ Weight: 70kg/154lb Foot Size: EU41/US8.3/UK7.8 Penis Size: 16cm/6.3″ Profession/Student of: Car Wash Operator Hobbies: Music, Dance, Reading Favorite Sports: Football, Box, Thai-box Active Sports: Thai-box Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Vin Diesel Visited Coutries: Italy, England, Spain Want to Visit Coutries: Canada Dream of My Life: A lot of money …

STR8HELL – Daniel and Eduard

Model Name: Daniel Student Age: 21 Home Town: Prague show map Height: 175cm/5’8″ Weight: 75kg/165lb Foot Size: EU10/US2/UK1.9 Penis Size: 19cm/7.48″ Profession/Student of: Waiter – profession Hobbies: Sports, Girls, Cars Favorite Sports: Football, Basketball Active Sports: Football Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Magic Johnson Visited Coutries: Europe Want to Visit Coutries: Canada Dream of My Life: To be independent … Zodiac Sign: Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Model Name: Eduard Kralovsky Age: 18 Home Town: Brno show map Height: 178cm/5’10” Weight: 70kg/154lb Foot Size: EU43/US8.7/UK8.2 Penis Size: 17cm/6.69″ Profession/Student of: High School Hobbies: PC, Go-Karting Favorite Sports: Billiards, Bowling Active Sports: Tennis, Skiing Movie/Music/Sport Stars: The Last House on the Left Visited Coutries: Croatia, England, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain Want to Visit Coutries: Australia Dream of My Life: To finish high school. Zodiac Sign: Aries (March 21 – April 19) Format: lavfpref Duration: 40:56 Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 737kbps Audio: 115kbps File size: 257.3 MB

STR8HELL – Adam Borek and Slavomir Zeleny – DUTY BOUND

Slavomir Zeleny is the subject of Master Adam Borek’s attention in this Duty Bound. Slavomir is shackled at the ankles and hands and has chains around his neck. As Adam pushes a cane into his chest Slavomir drops to his knees with Adam hitting him with the cane and slappping his face

Brutal Tops – Session 83 – Masters Nick, Guy & Billy – School Sports – Human Pony Racing

Master Nick has a plan to liven up the Top’s PE lesson, riding two sub’s in a grueling 20 lap race… Billy and Guy strip to their tight white underwear to compete, their near naked athletic bodies bounce eagerly on the backs of the ponys as they await the start… Half way into the race and the sub’s are exhausted, arses glowing red from being cropped hard, skin ablaze.

Catheter Bound

Release Year: 2007 Genres: Fetish/Kink, Abuse, Freshmen, Bondage, WaterSports, Sounding Video language: English Get ready for more of the new boy from New Boy and His Toys in his next fetish release, Catheter Bound. New boy is now PISS BOY and master Rage doesn’t waste any time getting this boy tied down tight and forcing the cath down the shaft of his boy cock. Next his piss is quickly filling up the bag taped to the side of the table while Rage verbally humiliates the boy.

Duty Bound 2

Release Year: 2006 Genres: Twinks, Butt Play, Bondage, Spanking, Oral, Masturbation Male on Male Video language: English Join the William Higgins gang for another fuck and suck fest. These hot dudes are getting up to no good in this bondage adventure, watch now and get off on all the action

Duty Bound 7

Release Year: 2010 Genres: Twinks, Muscle Men, Bondage, Spanking, Oral, Butt Play, Fisting Video language: English Famed director, William Higgins, is back with the 7th installment of Duty Bound! These cum hungry studs are ready for any and everything!Four scenes including nipple tease, whipping, CBT, Spanking, Bondage, tickling, blowjobs, anal fingering and hot cum on the face and chest. These guys are sexy, dominant and submissive.

Spanking 2

Release Year: 2008 Genres: Fetish/Kink, Abuse, Twinks, Muscle Men, Punishment, Butt Play, Spanking, Masturbation Video language: English When you don’t do what you’re told, there are consequences. These young men quickly learn that obedience is essential. Failure to obey results in discipline.

SadoHotel – Pain 119

Release Year: 2012 Studio: SadoHotel The bizarre world of pain! You will never forget it! Their pain, their harassments and especially their horniness! Format: asf Duration: 59:46 Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video V8 Audio: 125kbps File size: 582.3 MB

The Trainer From Hell

Release Year: 2011 Cast: Gina Kilmer, Achile Genres: Femdom / Fetishes, Bdsm Video language: English Gina Kilmer, as the unsuspecting Achiles finds out when he hires her to help him get in shape.

The Spanking Bodyguard

Cast: Gabriella Jeannine, Gino Coletti Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation This is a story of a punk chick that pushes her body guard’s buttons until he short circuits. A no-nonsense body guard is assigned to keep his eye on the wayward daughter of a rock star. Part vixen, part spoiled brat, Chloe is an early 21st Century wild child, who lives for pleasure and obeys no rules but her own

Charlotte Meets Lydia # 2 – Houseofgord

This week is about a meeting, and subsequent Gordian skullduggery, set up as a thank you to Mike and Charlotte for helping out with the painting and other things. Mike had always regarded Lydia as his favourite tie-up lady on House of Gord, and both he and Charlotte mentioned they would love to do a shoot with this lady whom they regarded as a legendary bondage gal of extraordinary talent. So we spoke to Lydia, who was only too pleased to come over, get herself tied up again, and meet the Mike and Charlotte we have often talked about

Session # 02 Rohrstockhiebe 2 – SVP-Productions

Brutal torture of slaves, puncture needles breast, torture with fire cigarettes, pins and clips, pierced genitals with needles and candles in the vagina, torture nettles, the girls are suffering hellish torment. Studio SVP Productions represents an extreme BDSM and the one of the sites horror dedicated to BDSM. Genre: BDSM, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore Studio: SVP Productions Duration: 01:03:50 Quality: SiteRip Format: AVI Video: 640*480, 29.976 fps Audio: MP3, 128 kbps File size: 521.4 MB

Session # 05 – SVP-Productions

Brutal torture of slaves, puncture needles breast, torture with fire cigarettes, pins and clips, pierced genitals with needles and candles in the vagina, torture nettles, the girls are suffering hellish torment. Studio SVP Productions represents an extreme BDSM and the one of the sites horror dedicated to BDSM.

A Lovers Discipline

Cast: Angela Faith, Brain Tarsis Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation It’s what you’ve asked us for time and again, a Shadow Lane video that’s more like a Shadow Lane story. Namely: more explicit, more erotic and more the way lovers in the scene really play. “A Lover’s Discipline” contains so much corporal punishment action that it could almost be called the first spanking feature film

0024_Intense Fetish Volume 647 – Justine and Nicole Get Spanked

Cast: Nicole, Justine, Master Len Genres: Bondage Torture BDSM Scene one: Justine gets it good with a belt and a hairbrush! Then Justine gives it to Nicole for not helping her. Scene two: When Justine is late for her video shoot she learns what happens when you miss a shoot with Master Len! This is a real punishment not just acted out. See Master Len and his special guests torment and tease their slave girls and boys

Act Two Starring Alexis

Cast: Alexis Payne, Virginia Lewis, Agnes Grey Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation Alexis decides to rescue two grown- up bad girls and turn them into ladies. Act One Starring Alexis Payne and Agnes Grey: Tall, blonde Agnes Grey is quite ready to accept spankings from her mentor and squeaks as only a British girl can while receiving them. A cane is also used

Double Feature #1

Cast: Georgia Gold, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Nick Phoenix Genres: Spanking Torture Humiliation Starring Georgia Gold and Nick Phoenix Georgia Gold fans will love her as the naughty blonde stripper who tries to wheedle favors out of the club manager, but winds up across his knee. Chelsea Pfeiffer and Vincent Calabrese Chelsea’s talents as a natural comedienne, along with everything else, are displayed in this sketch of a reluctant figure model that frustrates the artist who hired her to pose for him at every turn. Finally, rather than tear his hair out, Vincent decides to release his tension by administering a well-earned spanking