Zhpervypixie Full Pack Part 3

We have an abundance of different fetishes and sexual interests. Piss play, BDSM, throatfucking, cum swallowing, submission/domination, objectification, fantasy cannibalism and vorarephilia… just to name a few.
We’re both exhibionists.
One evening we were watching porn and we stumbled across a cam girl whose special talent was to be throat fucked by a fuckmachine. We liked the idea of showing off what we loved to do and had the thought that we could make this our living.
So we created a profile on Pornhub and our videos got popular fast!
Our intention, from the very beginning, was to make niche porn that was rare and special. Something that we thought was missing in the porn world. Of course everything we make is something that turns us on, so it’s not just to stand out and do whatever.
We just had something in our sex life that we wanted to share with all of you!
We are in love with each other. Deeply. We share many things, not just sexually. We both love My Little Pony (yeah, we know… we’re geeks) We love nature and animals. We watch movies and series together, everything from horror to ’s movies to documentaries. All in all we enjoy spending time together also outside of a sexual context.

Format: mp4
Video: 1920×1080

Total size: 9.2 GB in 32 files.