Zack Part 9

Zack has been tied to the X-cross, spread-eagled, for many hours, his muscles aching in the highly uncomfortable pose, arms high over head, feet spread, his back forced to arch by the tight ropes holding his upper and lower chest. His master, a rich rope expert who collects beautiful boys and turns them into slaves, is a natural sadist, so Zack’s suffering will now get much worse. Matt ropes his cock and balls and yanks – hard – forcing Zack to arch even more, his ball sack painfully stretched. Leaving him like that, Matt then tears into the boy with his whip, making him groan in agony through his ball gag. Finally, Matt unties the ropes and removes the gag. Zack doesn’t collapse or even ask for a break. He knows he must now ejaculate for his master, to show his appreciation for not being hurt even more. It is a magnificent site, seeing that massive cock pump out and equally massive load of cum.

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