Zack Part 6

Rope man Matt has his lean, young slave boy bent over his oak dinning table, his wrists and balls roped to the table’s support beam, keeping him effectively pinned. The boy’s firm, round ass jets lewdly into the air, as he squirms and struggles, his muscular ass checks clenching and unclenching. The first strike of the switch feels like a razor cutting across his skin. The switch is an old-fashion birch branch, favored by disciplinarians of old for his flexibility and strength. It delivers a nasty sting with just a flick of the wrist. Matt strikes his boy’s plump butt over and over. He loves watching the welts darken, even on caramel skin. He loves watching Zack squirm and moan, trying in vain to avoid further blows. There’s nothing better than old fashion canning – especially when the victim is roped down and helpless.

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