Zack Part 5

Rope man Matt continues to enjoy his latest acquisition: a 20-year-old slave boy with beautiful caramel skin, lean muscles and a huge cock. The boy lies stretched and tied to his master’s dining table, like a delectable meal. He loves the tight ropes that hold him down, but he wishes his master would enjoy his body and cock without inflicting so much pain. Even though his nipples feel like they are being crushed by the nasty plastic clamps that have been clamped on them for hours, he gets instantly hard as his master ropes his cock and balls and pulls the rope tight, tying the ends to his toes. His massive black-boy cock stays hard – until his master gets out a switch and smacks the soles of his feet. The pain is unbearable, but he takes it, thrashing around and pulling the rope tight around his balls. Removing the nasty clamps from his throbbing nipples causes another flash of pain, as blood rushes back into his damaged nerve endings. He loves his master, even though he is so cruel.

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