Your Ass Is Mine – Chapter 1

With his rippling abs, a 27-inch waist, a rock-hard ass and bulging pecs, Liam Cyber is a perfect, young stud, solid muscle from head to toe. And now he belongs to Jared! The naked muscle boy is hung upside-down and chained to the floor, forming a human-X. “Your ass is mine,” a naked Jared tells Liam as he appreciates the boy’s sculpted muscles and powerful ass. Liam is beautiful but not particularly bright. It takes him a while to realize he is in a dungeon and that those strange things hanging on the wall behind him are tools of torture – whips, chains, crops, floggers, pinchers, pins and much, much more. “What are you doing?” the terrified stud cries out, still not sure what is happening, even as Jared caresses him with a flogger. “First, I’m going to fuck you up, then I’m going to fuck you blind,” Jared say with his classic smirk. Liam can’t believe the pain of the flogger as it smashes into his body. The gut-punching – and the single-tail whip – are even worse.

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