Young Private – Part 2

U.S. Army private Timarrie Baker is a thing of beauty: fit and muscular, with perfect, caramel skin, the face on an angel and a massive, gorgeous, uncut cock. And now he hangs from a cross in our dungeon, nearly naked, moaning, wearing only his army-issued compression shorts, his cock and balls pulled-out over the waistband. Despite his youth and strength, he is in agony, the cross straining every muscle in his body. Plus, his cock and balls are covered with clothespins, each biting into the most sensitive skin on the human body. “You are going to tell me everything!” Jared bellows. “I’m not a spy! I don’t know anything!” the crucified boy replies, just as Jared whips him with a leather flogger – three times, six times, a dozen times, two dozen times! Still, Timarrie won’t talk.

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