Young Anarchist – Part 9

Beautiful, young Jaimie stands bound to the cross by his throat and ankles. He’s naked, aching after days of torture, little sleep and no sustenance. He is trying desperately to cum, again, for the sadistic man torturing him. “Fuck it!” Jared says, when Jaimie fails to cum in less than three minutes. Jared flicks a switch that sends thousands of volts into Jaimie’s body. Then he forces the tortured youth onto his knees, in a stress-position, still chained by his throat and ankles, his sexy body arching off the wood. Jared is so turned on by the boy’s youthful beauty and heroic suffering he must cum. The stud strips naked, jerks his cock while hovering over Jaimie’s naked body and squirts a load of cum all over the “No Love” tattoo on the boy’s chest – the mark of an anarchist that sent him to prison in the first place. Jaimie is now Jared’s sex slave, to be fucked for weeks. But first he will suffer several more high-voltage shocks to his fine, young body.

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