Young Anarchist – Part 8

Jaimie spends the night in the dungeon, hooded, collared and cuffed in a steel brace, ankles-to-wrists. Steel clamps dig into his nipples. It’s an incredibly uncomfortable position to maintain for 15 minutes, let alone all night. Now Jared returns, shoving the kid’s face in his crotch. “You are pathetic,” Jared tells the youth. “I’d much rather let you go and play with your punk friends, but since you won’t tell me who they are I’m stuck with you.” Electric current suddenly surges into Jaimie’s body through the nipple clamps. The boy screams and buckles as he’s shocked over and over. “Now you will show me some cum,” Jared demands. The naked boy is moved to the cross and chained to it by his throat and ankles. Jaimie’s lean body looks amazing as he stands there like a proud solider, chest out, stomach in. “Get to it,” Jared orders and the boy reluctantly works his cock – anything to avoid more pain. “I’d suggest you hurry up,” Jared says a few minutes later, attaching electrodes to the chains at Jaimie’s neck and ankles. Next week: He cums but still suffers.

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