Young Anarchist – Part 7

College boy Jaimie Steel is spread-eagled on a torture table, stretched taut and completely naked. His beautiful, young body looks especially inviting, his stomach sucked in, his legs and arms spread and flexed as they resist the weight stretching them. Jared presses down on Jaimie’s torso, inflaming the whip wounds on his back and ass. Jaimie’s fear that this man is a sexual sadist who likes smooth, young boys is confirmed when Jared takes his uncut cock in his mouth. “Don’t look at me boy!” Jared demands as he flogs Jaimie’s torso. Then Jared adds an even heavier weight, stretching Jaimie painfully; his boyish cries of agony and fear drive Jared wild with desire, so Jared whips him even harder. Then Jared pulls off his skin-tight leggings so he can jerk off. Once Jaimie’s face is covered with cum, the real pain begins. The weight stretching him is doubled, as is the intensity of the whip blows. Jaimie will spend the night racked hard, moaning in agony. And he has so much more to endure.

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