Young Anarchist – Part 4

It’s been only 30 minutes and Jaimie is young and fit, with a lean, light body, the best kind to endure crucifixion, but even this early, the boy feels the power of the cross. After one-hour his naked body is glistening with sweat and his breathing is heavy, but he perseveres. His stoic endurance turns to fear when Jared enters, carrying his single-tail whip. “Oh my God!” Jaimie thinks. “He is going to whip me while I’m crucified!” The blows are brutal. And then, of course, there is the misting with pure rubbing alcohol. Watching Jaimie thrash and arch against the wood, his boyish, well-built body glistening, decorated with nasty whip marks, is bondage bliss. And it just gets better, as Jared mauls and tongues the crucified boy’s wounds and licks his cock.

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