Young Anarchist – Part 2

“You’re pathetic, boy!” Jared tells the exhausted, tortured college boy sitting in front of him, his shirt ripped open, his cock pulled out from his undies. The kid has been shocked so many times he’s nearly in shock, only half conscious. Then Jared flips the switch and lets the current flow into the young boy’s body for over 40 seconds – twice as long as legal. Jaimie gasps and screams but soon collapses; futures shocks just make his limp body jolt and shake. The next day the lean youth is strung up, face first against a wooden cross, in his tiny undies and A-shirt. Jared rips the shirt off, exposing a lovely, athletic back. “I’m going to make you scream, boy, you are nothing but a worthless punk,” Jared says as he lays into the boy with his single-tail whip, leaving horrible – but beautiful – lash marks up and down his back. Jaimie suffers terribly, but refuses to give up his fellow young anarchists.

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