Wrong House Part 6

Physically exhausted, Anthony must continue to endure the torture inflicted by his aggressive Master. With his little bitch boy¹s arms spread wide and bound to the motorized suspension crane, Master Aiden pushes the button and raises Anthony onto his tip-toes — stretching out his lean, young torso to its full extent. Then Master Aiden grabs the flogger. The pain of a good whipping is now familiar to Anthony, who has already endured hours of hard lashes from a variety of whips. Soon Anthony’s smooth, pale flesh is covered with deep, red welts, as if Master Aiden were marking him as his property. “Having fun yet?” Aiden smirks, the boy after unleashing another series of painful blows. Anthony kicks wildly, screaming through his ball-gag. He’s been whipped before but now that his body is stretched taut, the lashes are more painful than ever. And the torture is about to get worse. Master Aiden brings over the fuck bench, then he lowers Anthony, trembling with fear, onto it, bending him over and tying him in place, exposing his tight little asshole. Anthony, totally exhausted, lies there quietly — until Aiden pours hot candle wax all over his back. He screams, struggling and kicking, his face twisted with pain.

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