Wrong House Part 5

Master Aiden isn’t finished with Anthony yet. He brings the shaken young boy over to the suspension crane, ties his wrists to the crane, then attaches an electrified cock-ring around the base of his balls and shoves a ball gag into his mouth. Anthony, whimpering, know’s he is being readied for the most painful experience of his life. Master Aiden unleashes a few hard slaps of the crop – decorating Anthony’s pale white skin with deep, red welts. Aiden then grabs the controls for the electrocution device and let’s his submissive little bitch have it. As the electricity shocks his cock and balls, Anthony screams from behind his gag, pulling himself up in violent jerks by his wrists as his sobs echo throughout the room. “You like that, right?” Aiden taunts, smacking the boy even harder with the crop in between painful jolts of electricity. Anthony’s screams only serve to turn on his Master more.

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