Wrong House Part 4

Anthony is completely terrified as his Master moves him over to the next torture device — the X Cross. “You’re gonna catch me, aren’t you?” he asks, his hands chained to the painful metal bondage hook still deep inside his ass. Aiden laughs, scaring his little slave boy even more. He spreads out the boy’s long, lean body — chaining him to the X-cross before fetching the crop. Anthony has never felt so helpless in his life. He gasps loudly with each strike of the crop, but can hardly move due to the excruciating pain of the metal hook crammed up his tight asshole. Even as Anthony’s pale skin reddens under the crop, Aiden decides to turn things up a notch and grabs a leather paddle. The paddle blows are ten times more painful than the crop, making Anthony howl in pain before Aiden silences the boy with a gag. He then moves on to other toys. The flogger is the most painful, especially when it smacks against the string attached to the bondage hook. Aiden then switches back to the crop; hitting the boy as hard as he can while creating deep, dark welts on Anthony’s ass and all over his back. He then yanks the metal bondage hook from Anthony’s asshole and prepares him for his remaining tortures. Anthony hasn’t seen anything yet.

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