Wrong House Part 2

Anthony is completely terrified – especially when he sees Aiden approaching with a steal hook in one hand and a nag crop in the other. “What is that?” he asks, eyeing the metal hook with a small ball at the end of it. “You’ll find out!” Aiden says. He moves behind Anthony and slowly inserts the balled-end of the steal hook up his tight, round ass. Anthony whimpers like a bitch as Aiden the hook in deeper and deeper and then locks it in place deep inside the boy’s asshole by hooking a string around Anthony’s neck, pulling it occasionally to send the metal ball even deeper. Now it’s time for the crop. Aiden whips the hooked boy without remorse. The whip hurts like hell and Anthony squirms involuntarily, jerking the hook painfully inside his ass. “Let’s have some more fun,” Aiden says after his boy can no longer take the pain from the crop and the hook. He then takes Anthony to another bondage station and stretches out and ties his arms and legs. Anthony’s nightmare has just begun.

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