Won’t Pay The Ransom

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I drag the rich spoiled brat Stefania Mafra into the abandoned building her arms brutally bound behind her elbows painfully touching. The leggy Brazilian moans through her gag as I cross her ankles and tie them together. I straddle her and her about her rich – the CEO of the local bank. ‘s going to pay alot for you babydoll. I yank a string up in between her pussy lips and through the crack of her ass exposing her pretty panties and I tie it off to her wrists. Poor bimbo Stefania tries to curse me behind the gag, but her curses turn to crying as she realizes there is no escape. I run my hands up her fishnet stockings groping her ripe young body. The hot thing struggles in her bondage but no one hears her. I pick up her cell phone and remove her cleave gag. Stefania panics and offers to eat my pussy, but I laugh. I don’t want her – I want money and lots of it. I dial "" and put the phone up to her mouth. Stefania begs her to pay up and to do everything I say. Then I ppry her big mouth open and a rag in it stuffing her mouth and sealing it in tightly with duct tape. Helpless Stefania’s eyes widen in fear when I walk out to meet her leaving her effectively gagged and tightly bound. Pretty Stefania knows in her heart that her frugal won’t give up his hard earned money – not even for her!!

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