Wenona & Fayth Wrapped Struggle – Pt2

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I just got finished wrapped Wenona into a plastic wrap frogtie in a very fun and casual manner. I even am a nice friend and use her panties to hold the Hitachi on her sweet spot. But as soon as I think my idea is complete, I hear a noise in the other room. I go and investigate and I scream. This unexpected visitor now has us both plastic wrapped in a frog-tie, gagged and left to struggle as we are bound back to back. The unseen villain is "nice" enough to leave the Hitachi turned on as its still stuck in Wenonas panties but I have nothing to keep my mind distracted so I decide to keep my tradition alive and struggle like the mad woman I am. Seems the thigh-high stockings I have on have kept the plastic from sticking as good as it is on Wenonas legs, so I am able to escape my leg bondage. I then work on removing my upper body from this predicament. We fall over to our sides as I slowly, diligently, safely somehow manage to slide out of the plastic holding us together. Instead of running away, I turn my attention to the still bound Wenona and torment her. I hold my hand over her mouth as I adjust the Hitachi. Its not fair. Once I realize that she shouldn’t be pleasured if I cant be pleasured, I remove the Hitachi from her panties and leave her very unhappy but still bound. Now I can leave. Silly me decided to leave as the hitachi is nearby as Wenona does manage to get her hands and arms free, but instead of escaping all her binds, she grabs the hitachi and pleases herself. Geesh, shes more worried about cumming than escaping, and that’s quite alright in my book.

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