Two Blondes Tie Up The Bitchy Hoa Lady

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Party girls Whitney Morgan and Roxie Rae are waiting for their dealer hook up when instead I enter their condo. I tell them they’ve the HOA policies with their all night partying and that they have two weeks to get out. The blondes get defensive and have the nerve to start questioning me. Suddenly Whitney grabs me in a tight hold and me to my knees. She grabs a handful of rope and ties my arms while Roxie holds me down. I try to reason with them but they aren’t hearing it and continue adding more rope. Roxie pushes me down to the floor and straddles me face sitting me while her friend binds my ankles. She pulls up my tight skirt exposing my panties so that Whitney can put a tight crotch rope on me. I buck and struggle but am no match for them double teaming me. Roxie unbuttons my shirts and gropes me tits. I am so humiliated but things get worse when Whitney peels down her panties and Roxie them into my mouth. They wrap my face with many layers of elastic bandage until I am effectively gagged. I sob into my gag as they continue to humiliate me by putting me in a hogtie. They inform me I will be the main attraction at their party tonight and they everyone will use me as they please. They leave me to struggle helplessly bound and gagged while they get things ready for the party …

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