Tough Stuff part 2

Trina Michaels is like an over flowing fountain…she’s got one of those bodies that just seems to spill out of her outfit like butterscotch pudding…that perfect, soft, tanned skin wrapping her busty body like caramel…in a word, Trina is delicious…The Pope goes right to work on her huge breasts…he binds them up tight with 550 cord, then rigs them up above her…this keeps Trina on her toes and ready for more focused breast attention…a dragons tail on an allready plumped up breast is such a dastardly thing to do to such a sweet woman, but the Pope goes there anyway…Trina takes it all like a champ and cums like a whore…he gives her a bit of a dirty mindfuck at the end of the shoot which i’d really like to see him pull with a few other models to gauge thier responses…it seems Trina wil endure just about anything if she digs her Dom

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